Lyssna på Regina Lunds bok gratis online. Designen på siten har jag gjort .. det kändes lite som att måla igen.

Dear fellow Citizens of the Earth

I hereby give you a gift for free hoping to bring more happiness, peace,
understanding and forgiveness into your lives.

I give you this gift hoping for us all on this planet to increase our love
and understanding for one another.
I wish for you all to reach peace in your lives and in the world.

Peace on Earth starts with peace in your own heart.

My gift to you is my audio book, "Nothing but the Veil; a conversation in
This audio book is free to download and forward and spread all over the
world as much as you like.

This is my gift to humanity and the Earth.

I send you my words with love and hope for a better planet for us all.

Postat av: Georgios

Snyggt site tankvärd bok...

2010-01-18 @ 18:25:31

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