BaoBao is a young jewellery company that
designs exclusive rings with a personal touch
and made for people who appreciate the clean
design of scandinavian minimalism in
conjunction with exclusive stones.

The company name of BaoBao comes from a little Chinese girl who was found under a tree and was given the name by her nanny. BaoBao means "little treasure". She is the daughter of Elisabeth, the founder of BaoBao and is her greatest inspiration.

My rings symolize passion, personality and love says the chief designer and creator of BaoBao Elisabeth Sandberg. The model and ambassador for BaoBao 2011 - Regina Lund - is perfect for my 2011 collection. 

I have admired her work as an actress and singer/songwriter for many years and Regina Lund was my dream model for BaoBao. Regina stands for passion, personality and love, all together.

" Wearing BaoBao I feel surrounded by love"
Regina Lund 2011 Fotograf Katja Elmén  mer info på eller vill ni boka en fotografering maila mig Make up Maria

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2011-01-17 @ 10:33:49

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