Fotograf Katja Elmen modell Christina Valente I Paris 
Fotograf Katja Elmen modell Christina Valente I Paris 
Christina Valente har ordet
In the crisp air the autumn leaves fell upon me as an orgasmic flow of colors... With the rain they all faded away...

Who am I? I am Christina Valente... Yours truly With a different point of view on life...

Met Katja Almost 8 years ago through friends at a dogcafé... Little did I know then in the forest while shooting angels (with the camera of course) that she would be one of My dearest friends later on...

A camera is a tool for magicians, only a true artist knows how to tame the beast inside...
Everything Katja does is magic...

Here is a little preview of what went on in Paris... Some of my magic and some of Katjas... If you want to read more about my point of view on life visit or get back here once in a while to check for mine and Other guest appearances...



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